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Passionnate about wood
Closer to nature
Back nature
Ecological houses in wood
Siding in incorruptible Larch
No maintenance will be necessary
Windows, Exterior and interior Doors, Shutters, Cupboards, etc...
Benoît VELTZ
The incorruptible Larch wood !

Wood is back !

Wood has much to offer... It’s elegant, warmth and beauty means more people are likely to opt for tradional wooden doors and windows.


Hello… Welcome to the carpentry website VELTZ. I invite you to have a look at all the services we offer. Enjoy your visit and we look forward to seeing you soon!

The Carpenter VELTZ specializes in the construction of windows, shutters, exterior and interior doors, cupboards and many other wooden constructions including general work. All are made to measure and estimations are free.

If you’ve got any type of refurbishment that needs an expert, please give Benoît a call on +33680203102 or just fill in the contact form or send an e-mail to the following address:

Althoupgh a conifer, the Larch is also a deciduous tree and loses it’s leaves in the fall. While spruces pines and firs keep them, the needles turn yellow and fall in the late autumn, leaving the trees leafless through out the winter.

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A : It can be... But wood protection products are now very easy and effective, watht’s more, if opt for doors and windows made to Larch, no maintenance will be necessary.



Q  : Is the maintenance of wood an issue ?



Larch is a symboll of live

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VALAPOMA is a registred tradmark
The Valapoma houses are conceived and made in the VELTZ carpentert’s workshops in Strasbourg - Gambsheim.
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Mr Benoît VELTZ
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